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Kogi State University is a highly reputable institution genuinely committed to impacting knowledge, learning, scholarship and skills to all men and women in order to equip them to confront and control the challenges of the next centuries. The aspiration is to:

  1. Maintain and sustain the university as an apex institution through accountable, consultative, focused, interactive, innovative, purposeful, team –based, result-oriented and transparent leadership and management to constantly utilized existing knowledge and generate new ones.
  2. Use first class and state- of-the –arts facilities, highly motivated staff and studentsworking in an atmosphere of academic freedom and security to transform the university into a world class center.
  3. Ensure a high standard of academic excellent, discipline, integrity and intellectual heritage.
  4. Reflect and impact positively on the culture, traditions and the social-economic needs of the society.

Latest Resources

Optical Properties of Chemical Bath Deposited Ag 2 S Thin Films

By D.n. Okoli Ph.d, G.c. Okeke, M.sc, and A.j. Ekpunobi Journal Articles pdf

Open and Distance Learning Planning Workbook

By Faculty Of Education, and David Baume And Professor Stephen Brown Journal Articles pdf

Growth and Characterization of Cu ions doped L-Threonine Single Crystals

By Faculty Of Education, M.nagarajan, Dr.n.neelakanda Pillai, and Dr.k.amudhavalli Journal Articles pdf

Catalytic Asymmetric Synthesis of Cyclohexanes by Hydrogen Borrowing Annulations

By Faculty Of Education, Roly J. Armstrong, Wasim M. Akhtar, Tom A. Young, and Fernanda Duarte And Timothy J. Donohoe Journal Articles pdf

Linear Optical Studies of Nonlinear Optical Glycine - Phthalic Acid Single Crystal

By Faculty Of Education, M. Suresh Kumar, G.v. Vijayaraghavan, and S. Krishnan Journal Articles pdf

Transmittance and Band Gap Analysis of Dye Sensitized Solar Cell

By Faculty Of Education, Oviri O.k., and Ekpunobi A.j. Journal Articles pdf

Fabrication and characterization of a direct absorption solar dryer

By Faculty Of Edcation, Jude O. Ozuomba, Ngozi A. Okonkwo, Bibian C. Uzor, and Jude I. Uba Journal Articles pdf