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Searching for the National Nugget-the Teachers of Teachers

By Maduewesi, Ebele N.

The key persons in the culture-moulding process are the
trainers of teachers. So says J.A. Lauwery' (1969). The National
Curriculum Conference (1969) noted that "the production of
knowledgeable, effective teachers depends on the teaching staff
since, the extent of pursuit of excellence in an institution depends
in a large measure upon the calibre and quality of its staff." No
doubt the quality of influence exerted by a teacher training
institution through staff, quality of instruction college tradition,
and the general atmosphere and tone on the teacher trainee lasts
through the trainet's subsequent professional career.
It does not appear as if many people, including professidnal
educators, have taken time to consider the crucial importance of
the teacher of teachers, and thus the sources through which
they are supplied to the teachrr trainine cdleees. It is an old saying
th'at teachers teach the way they are taught, that being so, the
fate of the- learners depends in a special way on the teachers of
their teachers. The report of the 1969 Curriculum Conference
summarized the purposes of-teacher education.

Published: 04/09/2018

Tags: Education, Teachers, Nuggets.

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By Umoinyang, Mfon E.

The study investigated the economics of fish marketing in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria using primary data. Purposive and multistage random sampling technique was used to collect the data from 105 respondents using well-structured and pre-tested questionnaire. These data were analysed using descriptive statistics, concentration ratio, price spread, net profit margins, marketing margins analyses and multinomial logit (MNL) models. Tests of significant differences and effects were carried out using analysis of variance (ANOVA) and t-test techniques. Research results showed that average age for the fish marketers were 38years for producers, 42years for wholesalers and 46years for retailers, and also that majority of them were married. The results further showed that majority of the fish producers and retailers had West African Senior School Certificate while most wholesalers had First School Leaving Certificate. Also, the all marketers had average household size of 5 members with 18years marketing experience for the producers, and 15years for the wholesalers and retailers, respectively. Furthermore, the study found that the marketers made use of referrals, price discount and home delivery to attract customers. The results showed that the market was under weak oligopoly at concentration ratio of 47%. This implies that the activities of the largest four fish marketers affected the price and demand for fish in the market. Further results showed that fish marketing was profitable with channel 2 having the highest net margin of N141,095 per annum per processing firm compared to channel 1 (N127,850) and channel 3 (N137,030) while channel 1 had the highest marketing efficiency of 342% relative to channels 2 and 3 with marketing efficiencies of 144% and 97%, respectively. The results indicated that these differences in marketing efficiency among the channels were significant at P

Published: 07/09/2018


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The Relative Importance of Macro and Firm-Level Fundamentals to Nigerian Stocks’ Prices: Lessons for other Emerging Markets

By Agu, David Onyinyechi, Manasseh, Charles Osondu, et al

The recapitalization policy of the Central Bank of Nigeria in 2005 increased transactions in the Nigerian stock market and also attracted the interest of many investors. As most capital markets are pro-cyclical, the Nigerian stock market was not different. The investors’ interests were not sustained over a long period of time due to a crash. Whenever there is a burst of the market bubble, it is always attributed to a deviation of the stock prices from the fundamentals of the firms that issue the stocks. Therefore, this study investigates the issue of movement in stock prices and the various changes that occurred in the characteristics of banks’ stocks prices between 2006 and 2010. This study adopts pooled least square regression method using a panel of 10 banks to find out the major determinants of stock prices in the Nigerian stock market with the view to establish if the burst was actually a function of deviation of the price from the fundamentals of the firms. One of the striking findings of this study is that prices of banks’ stocks have been mostly driven by the announcement and issuance of returns on investment at previous time periods – declared dividends. Both at individual bank level and the aggregate banks’ level, declared dividend proved to be the major driver of stock prices. This implies that the burst might not have been as a result of deviation of the prices from the fundamentals of the banks, rather by other forces outside the firm fundamentals.

Published: 07/09/2018

Tags: Nigerian capital market, Bank Stock Prices, Bank Fundamentals, Emerging Market Economies, Macroeconomic fundamentals, Cyclical Market.

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Rural Industrialization: A Strategy for Development

By Onah, F. E.

Rural Industrialization: A Strategy for Development

Published: 07/09/2018

Tags: Development, Strategy, Rural Industrialization.

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Development of Nsukka Zone: An Economic Perspective

By Onah, F. E.

Development of Nsukka: An Economic Perspective

Published: 07/09/2018

Tags: Economic Perspective, Nsukka, Development.

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Evaluation of some biological activities of Euglena gracilis biomass produced by a fed-batch culture with some crop fertilizers

By Eze Chijioke Nwoye, Ogbonna James Chukwuma, et al

The feasibility of growing Euglena gracilis in some crop fertilizers was investigated and some biological activities of the produced biomass were evaluated. A fed-batch mixotrophic culture was done in an airlift photobioreactor operated at an aeration rate of 0.2 vvm. A final biomass concentration of 2.6 gL-1 obtained with NPK15:15:15 after 96 h of cultivation was significantly lower than the 5.7 gL-1 obtained with BGII medium under the same culture condition. There was no significant effect of supplementing conventional rat feeds with Euglena biomass or captopril (an antihypertensive drug) on the body weight of the rats. However, supplementation with Euglena biomass had significant (P

Published: 07/09/2018

Tags: Mixotrophic, angiotensin converting enzyme, hypocholesterolaemic activity, photobioreactor.

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By Amulue, Lynda N

Psychological approach takes a gander at the individual authors; it thinks about the mental condition of the author and character. This hypothesis stretches out to Psychoanalytical hypothesis. Psychoanalysis contains a method for investigating the mind and interpreting information; a systematized set of hypotheses about human direct; and a kind of psychotherapy to treat mental or energetic hopelessness, especially battle beginning in the negligent or oblivious identity. This school of thought began in the 1890s with Austrian remedial experts including Josef Breuer (specialist), Alfred Adler (specialist), Otto Rank (psychoanalyst), and most recognizably Sigmund Freud (neurologist). Freud's psychoanalytic speculation was, all things considered, in light of interpretive techniques, reflection and clinical discernments. It ended up being to a great degree remarkable, all things considered, since it took care of subjects, for instance, sexuality, restriction, and the unmindful or the oblivious. These subjects were by and large prohibited at the time, and Freud gave an impulse to their open talk in all around mannered society. Clinically, Freud led the procedure with the desire of complimentary association and a supportive energy for dream illustration.

Published: 07/09/2018

Tags: Psychoanalysis, Psychological, Arrow of God, Things Fall Apart, Theory.

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Andela Learning

By Andela Learning Community

Computer Programming Lecture video.

Published: 07/09/2018

Tags: HTML, CSS, Building Blocks.

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Studies of Mashing Methods for Beer Brewing with Sorghum

By Prof Benjamin, Chigozie, et al

Studies of Mashing Methods for Beer Brewing with Sorghum

Published: 31/12/2016

Tags: chemistry

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Effect of Drying Methods and Storage Conditions on Nutritional Value and Sensory Properties of Dehydrated Tomato Powder (Lycopersicon esculentum)

By Opega J. Ladi

Effect of Drying Methods and Storage Conditions on Nutritional Value and Sensory Properties of Dehydrated Tomato Powder (Lycopersicon esculentum)

Published: 13/09/2017

Tags: Keywords: Tomato fruits; dehydration methods; macronutrients; microbiological safety; phytochemicals; sensory evaluation.

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